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Teeth Bleaching


  • Cosmetic Dentist Many people feel afraid or uncomfortable when
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Dental Implants

If there is presence of caries in your mouth & to prevent further spread of decay visit your dentist. The dentist will remove the decay & restored Tooth Caries Cavity Dentistry Treatment Pune with suitable permanent. Filling material in order to prevent further spread of decay & strengthen the affected tooth.
Now a days In modern dentistry more sufers esthetically pleasant filling materials are available.
In earlier days Silver ( Amalgam) filling or gold filling restoration were common but Amalgam fillings need more of tooth sliucture removal & are susceptible to discoloration compared to composite filling.

Silver Fillings

Silver Fillings

Earlier the trend was to have amalgam fillings (silver) or gold filling restorations. These fillings contain mercury which is poisonous to the body as well as the environment. Also the amalgam fillings are generally not as advantageous as composite fillings because they demand more of a tooth removal and are susceptible to corrosion.

Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings (Tooth-coloured)

Composite is tooth colored permanent resin filling material. When is an alternative to traditional metal dental filling (Amalgam or Gold Fillings.) Tooth filled with composite filling materials looks like natural tooth & composite fillings are more durable.
If you have cavities in teeth or broken fillings or teeth full of silver fillings ask your composite dental fillings.
Silver Fillings can be easily replaced with more natural looking composite fillings.
Composite fillings need removal of only infected decayed tooth structure, it also strengthen your tooth.

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