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  • Cosmetic Dentist Many people feel afraid or uncomfortable when
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Are you nervous about your dental treatment?
You have need of dental care but too afraid to go visit dentist.
Does the thought of going to the dentist give you chills?

Ans: Now relax. There is really no reason to be nervous.
We understand not every one is comfortable receiving dental treatment therefore as a part of our personalized care we offer oral sedation for those patient who need that extra-help to relax.
Before dental appointment, patient will be instructed to swallow a small pill & be accompanised by a companion to a dental clinic.
Our team will make patient completely comfortable & will monitor patient closely when he or she is under sedation.
Patients feel little or no discomfort during or after treatment & often have little or no memory of the procedure.
If you are afraid of dental treatment but donít want to ignore your oral health any longer talk to member of our team regarding oral conscious sedation.
We will provide you with the information necessary to smile with no fear.

Conscious Sedation & General Anesthesia Use of conscious sedation & General anesthesia in pediatric dentistry
Most of time it becomes difficult to treat unco-operative or apprehensive child patients, mentally or physically handicapped children.
Under these circumstances oral conscious sedation is best sedation.

What is Conscious Sedation & General anesthesia?
In conscious sedation, patient fall a sleep but not completely unconscious. Conscious sedation usually used for short dental procedure like one or two teeth removal or few fillings etc.
In general anesthesia, patient is completely unconscious & not aware of whatever happening to around him or her.
Under general anesthesia, one can perform extensive dental treatment like multiple fillings, multiple teeth removal, root canals, crowns etc.

What are the primary objectives of these procedure?
  • Most important objectives is psychological well being of a child. As traumatic dental experience during young age, make child aversive to dental treatment throughout his or her lifetime.
  • Another objective is to provide highest quality dental care to unco-operative children. One can not deny dental health just because the child is unco-operative. Every child has a right to obtain good oral health.

Are oral sedation procedures safe?
Before procedure, complete physical evalution of patient is done by dentist.
Once the patient is evaluated well then the chances for any complication are remote.
Medical research has shown high degree of success using these procedure.

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